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Preparing for your photoshoot

I have been meaning to write this guide for a while now and unfortunately I was too busy to do it before. Now here I am to help you prepare for your photoshoot with me. Every photographer you will work with is different and so it is important you know what to expect and how to prepare for your photography session.


I’d like to begin with how to pick the time of day for your photoshoot. I will always encourage my clients to meet me close to sunset time. On a sunny day it is the absolute best light a photographer can ask for; however, during overcast days any time is a good time for pictures. The time close to sunrise is my second favorite option. Does this mean I only ever shoot at sunset/sunrise time? Absolutely not, I have done photoshoots at almost every time of day by now. However, the quality of the images can be significantly affected if you choose to meet, for example, at noon on a sunny day since the light can be too harsh.


If you have very young children and you are concerned about booking a session late in the day, please, please think about your child first. If you know your kid(s) will be particularly difficult during that time of day please let me know and we can both find the best solution for your case. Children are unpredictable and you, as the parent, know your child best, so please communicate your concerns with me so we can find the best time of day to work together.


What to wear is also very important to prepare for a photoshoot. Again, all these recommendations are based on my style and preference. Try to pick neutral plain colors and a more neutral style of clothing, something you can look back in 20 years and not feel embarrassed about (I know this one is hard haha). Please avoid neon colored clothes, I know children’s clothes can come in very bright colors, but they do not photograph well and these tones can cause an unwanted light reflection on your child’s skin. Also, try to avoid graphics and logos on the clothes. For families it is nice to have some coordinated outfits since it gives unity to the image. Go ahead and go on the internet to look for ideas, there is plenty of inspiration there!


How to wear the hair is very important, although also easily neglected. I personally struggle to photoshop hair, so whichever way your hair looks when I see you is how it will show up on the image. If you have kids with long hair, please have something (accessories or whatnot) to keep the hair out of their cute faces.


Now if you are still reading and you have small children this next section has been written for you!  


Prepare your children, if possible, ahead of time for the photoshoot. Having pictures taken might sound easy, but it is exhausting for adults and even more for children. Motivate the kids and come prepared to the session. Bring a second or third outfit, food, drinks, their favorite toys and your best blackmailing skills to keep them smiling! Haha. I will have both hands on my heavy camera and there is only so much I can do to keep your child in a good mood. Please help yourself to have a successful and pleasant experience.


Is there an infallible way to prepare your children for a photography session? Obviously not, so also be mentally prepared to see them have a meltdown and try to remain calm. Children are unpredictable and sometimes, things just don’t go our way, but fear not! You still get to have photos of your adorable children being themselves, whether is playing, laughing, giving me a death stare, throwing a fit, you name it, I’ll capture it.


Pay attention to the weather and dress your children accordingly. Please do not take their coats off when the air is freezing and ask them to smile for the camera for 60 minutes straight, have some mercy and make sure your kid is warm.  Bring their nicest coats (not the neon-pink-with-mickey-mouse one they wear to school) and maybe even a blanket to give them a break during the session.


Finally I’d like to make my clients aware that I do not bring props to the sessions. I do not have external light sources nor do I have an assistant. It’s just me and my camera. That doesn’t mean you cannot bring props with you, quite the contrary, I encourage that you do if you so wish. I love when my clients tell me their ideas and I want to hear if there is something you definitely want to do during the session or let me know if there is something you rather not do. It’s all about making sure you have beautiful images that truly represent you and your family.


Picture taken at sunset

Picture taken during overcast morning

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