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About me

Photography gives me pure happiness. I must admit that I never truly saw the world in a more detailed way than when I looked through the lens of a camera. Everywhere I go, I see snapshots that I want to capture. It gives me joy to capture those special moments that people share with me, as they invite me to peek into their lives with my camera. 


For many years I worked as a nanny, so I love being around children. They are spontaneous, fun, full of surprises, oh and also, very photogenic! There is no way you can take a bad picture of an adorable child! I also have experience photographing small events, families, couples, and individual portraits.


I have a special interest in clinical research, which is what I do for work on a daily basis. I love science just as much as I appreciate art in all its different forms.


As an avid hiker, I decided to create a "Travel" page in my portfolio dedicated to sharing the images I capture while I am in the great outdoors. Being out in nature brings me peace and happy memories.


I also enjoy getting to know my clients and bonding with them. I want to make you feel comfortable, because it will be reflected in your images. I strive to create photographs that will immortalize your memories, for generations to come.


                                                                                                                                                                                         Deyra E. 

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