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Prepare for your mini session

You booked a mini session and now what? Well here are some tips that can be very helpful to prepare for your mini session.

1) Make a list of the five shots you want. This is probably the first thing you should do so you get the images you want. So please let me know before your session starts that you want, for example, two family photos, one picture of each of your two children and one picture of just you and your partner. Whatever your preference is for what shots are your priority you should know ahead of time and let me know before I even start shooting.

2) If there is a specific shot you want that maybe you saw somewhere on social media or anywhere online please also let me know ahead of time so I can assess whether I can get you that image. I love running with my clients' ideas and making them happy. 

3) Choose your family outfits wisely! Try to pick neutral plain colors and a more neutral style of clothing, something you can look back in 20 years and not feel embarrassed about (I know this one is hard haha). Please avoid neon colored clothes, I know children’s clothes can come in very bright colors, but they do not photograph well and these tones can cause an unwanted light reflection on your child’s skin. Also, try to avoid graphics and logos on the clothes. For families, it is nice to have some coordinated outfits since it gives unity to the image. Go ahead and go on the internet to look for ideas, there is plenty of inspiration there!



4) Make sure everyone's hair is done and looks how you want it in the photos. I do not photoshop people's hair or makeup so please come already prepared. 

5) Prepare your family for the session days in advance if possible. If you have family members that are not fans of having their picture taken, please negotiate ahead of time with them so they can be cooperative during the photoshoot lol. 

6) Dress appropriately for the weather! Especially if you have children, please make sure that their clothes are warm enough or bring blankets or coats that they can use to get some extra warmth during the session. 

7) If possible, bring at least one additional set of clothes for your children just in case the ones they are wearing get dirty or become uncomfortable for them.

8) For those with small children, please bring snacks, their favorite toy(s), their favorite songs, anything you think will be helpful to keep them smiling. 

9) This next one applies mostly to the men, please take everything out of your pockets before the session starts! One thing a photographer never wants to see once they inspect their photos on their computer is a huge cellphone or a bunch of keys in the clients' pockets haha. Please help me out here!

10) Last but not least, have fun! Getting photos taken doesn't have to be torture, just relax and I will capture you and your family as you are. 

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